Hey everybody! Welcome back to my latest edition of MCU Speculation. We have MCU movies scheduled through 2019, and an outline through 2028, so I shouldn’t be running out of material any time soon. I’ve been trying to decide what to talk about since my last outings, and decided to just combine the few ideas I had floating around. So sit back, hold on to something, and do the reading!



There are six infinity gems in the MCU:

Space Gem - Tesseract (The First Avenger; Avengers)

Mind Gem - Vision (Avengers (as Loki’s staff); Age of Ultron)

Reality Gem - Aether (The Dark World)

Power Gem - Orb (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Time Gem and Soul Gem have not been revealed as of yet.

Similarly, we know where the four that have been introduced are: The Space Gem is in Odin’s vault; The Mind Gem is in Vision’s forehead; The Reality Gem is with The Collector on Knowhere; and the Power Gem is on Xandar with the Nova Corps.


If you’re not entirely aware (or missed The Collector’s narration in Guardians of the Galaxy,) before the universe was created, there were six singularities. The remnants of those singularities are held in the six Infinity Gems. Since the gems are so powerful, no mortal being can hold any of the Gems for very long: Red Skull was evaporated / teleported by the Tesseract; The Mind Gem was held within Loki’s staff; the Aether made Jane Foster very sick; and the Power Gem blew up The Collector’s servant. The only reason Star Lord was able to hold the Power Gem was because he is part “ancient being” and he had the help of the rest of the Guardians.

As we learned at the end of Avengers, and as Thor began realizing during Age of Ultron, someone has been trying to manipulate and collect the Gems behind the scenes. We know Thanos is the one behind it, and I bet Thor figures it out in Ragnarok.

Thanos’ plan was actually pretty smart: Let other people do his bidding until the time was right. He gave Loki the staff, knowing it contained the Mind Gem, to help him take over Earth and retrieve the Tesseract for Thanos. If Loki was successful, Thanos would have the Space Gem and easy access to the Mind Gem. If Loki failed, Thanos knew exactly where both Gems were: either Earth or Asgard.


Next, he relied on Ronan to get him the Power Gem, by promising that if he did, he would destroy Xandar for him. Similar to the Mind and Space Gems, Thanos was good either way: If he was successful, he’d have the Power Gem and one of his more powerful roadblocks, the Nova Corps, would be destroyed. If he failed, he new exactly where the Power Gem would be: on Xandar. I’m not exactly sure, but I assume Thanos knows that The Collector has the Aether.

Therefore, Thanos knows where all four of the revealed Gems are, and as we all saw at the end of Age of Ultron, Thanos is about to go get them himself.

But where are the other two Gems? The climax of the MCU begins in Avengers Infinity War: Part One on May 4, 2018. That’s three short years away. Hell, filming begins for BOTH Infinity War movies begins sometime in 2016. They better get on introducing those missing Gems.


Here’s my take: Doctor Strange just started filming, and the Soul Gem will be one of the sources of his powers. In the comics, the Soul Gem is described as sentient, with the desire to collect souls. We also know that Dr. Strange draws his powers from various entities, who lend their power for various spells. To streamline things, it will be revealed that the Soul Gem is one of the sources of Dr. Strange’s powers. The Ancient One will warn Dr. Strange not to draw power from the Soul Gem, given it’s selfish desires. Dr. Strange will have to do so during the movie for one reason or another, revealing the existence and location to Thanos in the process. Dr. Strange might not actually see or hold the Gem, but its location will be revealed.

At the beginning of Infinity War: Part One, Thanos will track down the Soul Gem based on Dr. Strange’s actions. Additionally, the last Infinity Gem, the Time Gem, will be revealed early on in the movie. Thanos will be revealed to have had it all along (or easy access thereto), and use it to help him collect the other Gems. Thanos will be established as the biggest of the baddest, and collecting the Gems from their various places (Asgard, Xandar, VISION’S HEAD, etc.) will be shown as a breeze. Barely any effort on his part at all.



In order to contain the power of all six Infinity Gems at once, an Infinity Gauntlet was created. Anyone who wears the Infinity Gauntlet can control the universe: space, time, reality, life, consciousness, and power. In the comics, Thanos wanted to control the universe and cause mass death to impress his crush, Death. And he did. Remember that pervy smile Thanos gave when his minion told him attacking Earth was “courting Death?” Yeah, that’s his fetish.

The Infinity Gauntlet made it’s first appearance in the MCU in Thor, as being on display in Odin’s vault with fake stones in it. However, at the end of Age of Ultron, Thanos was revealed to have a second Gauntlet. But how could this be? The Gauntlet was in Asgard! Well, Feige has said that there are two Gauntlets in the MCU: One in Asgard, and one with Thanos. In the comics, there is only one Gauntlet. What’s up?


A random casting website has announced a casting call for Infinity War: Part One, and one of the main/supporting roles being cast is Magus. Magus, if you are unaware, is either (1) future Adam Warlock who went crazy and evil; or (2) the embodiment of evil that was removed from Adam Warlock.


In the comics, Magus created doppelganger Avengers in an attempt to make an evil version of the Universe. I don’t think Marvel is going to go that route for Infinity War. However, I think Magus, if the casting call is true, will be the source of Thanos’ second Gauntlet.

I also don’t think Magus will be future Adam Warlock (however, it would be an interesting introduction of the Time Gem: Magus coming back in time with the Gem, and Thanos overpowering him with the other Gems to get the Time Gem for himself. [This would be an interesting way to introduce Adam Warlock as well: He is originally Magus from the future, but the fight with Thanos leaves him broken, causing him to enter his cocoon, emerging as a restored, and good, Adam Warlock.] SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!)

I think Adam Warlock will be introduced in Doctor Strange, either in his cocoon, or as a legend told by the Ancient One. When warning Dr. Strange from using the Soul Gem, the Ancient One will tell Dr. Strange of the legend of Adam Warlock, who was the last person to use all of the Infinity Gems together, including the Soul Gem. Adam Warlock wanted to be as pure as possible, so he used the Soul Gem to remove good and evil from him, and unknowingly created the embodiments of those traits. Magus was the embodiment of evil that was expelled from Adam Warlock, and will be a warning of the power of the Soul Gem.


I doubt that Adam Warlock will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, as James Gunn has said he wants Star Lord to be the only human on the screen, to stress his uniqueness. However, there is the chance that Adam Warlock may be introduced as Star Lord’s father, but personally, I doubt it. We shall see.

Either in Doctor Strange or the beginning of Infinity War: Part One, it will be explained that Magus tried to take over the universe long ago, and was locked up for his crimes. Thanos will break Magus out, and use his knowledge and abilities to craft a second Gauntlet. Once he has the second Gauntlet, Thanos will dispatch (kill) Magus as both a show of strength to the audience and as a strategic move, given Magus’ aspirations.

Then, shit will hit the fan.